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Darnickiy blvd. 4 Darnickiy blvd. 4


four rooms apartment

Hmelnickogo bogdana str. 66 Hmelnickogo bogdana str. 66


Beautiful 3-bedroom apartment with one bathroom on a busy street in the city center. Two bedrooms have double beds (200cm x 150cm), in the third bedroom has two single beds...

Ukrayinki lesi blvd. 21 Ukrayinki lesi blvd. 21


Rent apartment in the center of Kiev - Fine 4-rooms apartment (3 bedrooms) - 140 m2 apartment (perfection view on city centre) on 3 floor 18 floor houses. The house is located...

Saksaganskogo str. 42 Saksaganskogo str. 42


Four-room apartment is located in the city center, equipped with modern furniture and appliances, the price also includes unlimited internet access, cable TV.

Ukrayinki lesi blvd. 9 Ukrayinki lesi blvd. 9


4-хкомнатная. Евроремонт. Центр, Бул.Л.Украинки,9. М.Печерская 500м. 86/64/9м.кв.на 4/9-эт.кирп. Три...

Sofiyivska str. 8 Sofiyivska str. 8


Четырехкомнатная возле Майдана Независимости.

Три отдельных спальни и гостинная. В...

Rustaveli shota str. 40 Rustaveli shota str. 40


Уютная четырехкомнатная квартира с евроремонтом и большим балконом. Планировка квартиры: Две...

Okipnoyi rayisi str. 4а Okipnoyi rayisi str. 4а


four rooms apartment

Kostolna str. 6 Kostolna str. 6


Four rooms apartment

Rustaveli shota str. 22Б Rustaveli shota str. 22Б


direct opposite the Kiev synagogue. Fine 4-rooms apartment (3 bedrooms) - 120 m2 on 3 floor of a 5-storeyed house without lift. Decorate in modern style with 1 bathroom, jacuzzi.

Rustaveli shota str. 22б Rustaveli shota str. 22б


Шота Руставели 22-Б (самый центр, пл. Льва Толстого, синагога, Арена Сити)


Hmelnickogo bogdana str. 30/10 Hmelnickogo bogdana str. 30/10


Предлагаем в аренду превосходную 4-х комнатную квартиру по ул. Богдана Хмельницкого 30/10.

Kropivnickogo str. 4 Kropivnickogo str. 4


Near Besarabsky market. Rent apartment in the center of
Kiev - fine 4-rooms apartment (3 bedrooms) - 130 m2 on 1,5 floor of a
4-storeyed house. Designed in classic...

Rustaveli shota str. 20 Rustaveli shota str. 20


direct opposite the Kiev synagogue. Fine 4-rooms apartment (3 bedrooms) - 160 m2 on 5 floor of a 5-storeyed house with lift. Decorate in modern style with 2 bathroom, jacuzzi...

Zankoveckoyi str. 6 Zankoveckoyi str. 6


Building 7 floors. Apartment is on the last seventh floor and this is a two-story flat. Windows looking on the court yard. Living space is 180 square meters. Penthouse type of...

Malokitayivska str. Malokitayivska str.


Cottage for Euro 2012 - Kyiv - UKRAINE Distance from city center - 10 km, 10 minutes by subway to the main stadium for Euro 2012 - the stadium in Kiev. Berths - 8 House area -...


Convenient way to get to your Kiev apartment from the airport or railway station.


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